︎ Just Real Cereal

Cereal with no strings attached. Made from 100% organic corn, Just Cereal is just that. We harvest and dry our fruit to guarantee that it tastes just as fresh every morning. Don’t overthink it. It’s Just Cereal.

︎ Laura’s Eggs

Laura’s has been raising hens on her family’s land for decades. Laura’s heirloom blue and brown eggs offer superior nutrition and are available in large and extra large. 


For my 2019 Your Soul and Mine series, I was heavily inspired by the Afrofuturist aesthetic and the words of Gil Scott-Heron.

“Standing in the ruins of another black man's life
Or flying through the valley separating day and night
‘I am death!’ cried the vulture for the people of the light”

See Purchase Artists

See Average is a playlist initiative that aims to promote underground student musicians in an accessible way. The See: SUNY Purchase playlist debuted on October 9, 2020 and featured over 75 individual Purchase artists, including producers, musicians, alumni, and current students.

Functioning as an archive for student work, See Average seeks to preserve art that could easily be lost with time.